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Saturday, 1 June 2019

I rarely do this and am so lazy right now but I want to do it anyway. My face have been breaking out for the past few months and I actually tried a few products in order to find one that suits my face. My skin is a combination skin but I noticed lately that it has become dryer than usual. Is that normal I wonder? One of the products which I tried is the Simple product. I didn't know much about this but enough to know that it is mild and causes no harm to the skin. Based on what I read, there's no harsh ingredients in it. Alright let's get to the point now shall we. It cost me about RM25 and you guys can get it from Watsons, Guardian, Tesco and Giant. That's the places I know. 

1. Refreshing Facial Wash Gel (50ml)

It's in a normal squeezable plastic tube and the texture is transparent but not in green because the green comes only from the tube. It's transparent just like water. Doesn't lather much. It means that there's not much bubble formed when you applied it on your face. And this is actually one of my favourite since it doesn't make my skin feels tight or dry. I believe that is good. On top of that I feel good as my skin is soft after using it. 

2. Soothing Facial Toner (50ml)

I can't say much about this toner since I rarely used one and since I bought this trial kit, I did try it on a few times. I don't really like the result of it since it makes my skin itchy and I stop using it immediately. Not gonna take any risk. I guess this is not for me. Some would give a good review on how refreshing it was and it doesn't irritate their skin but maybe not for my skin. I'm not saying that it is not hydrating enough but since it gives quite the opposite result after a few usage, I think I need to stop. 

3. Hydrating Light Moisturizer (50mm)

This moisturizer is very lightweight as it was described and no doubt it also absorbs really quickly and not sticky at all. I like that. But, okay there's a but. This one as well is not for my precious skin. Be it now alcohol or fragrance and so on but when my skin says no, it means no. This doesn't make my skin any better but a bit worse. I am a bit sad but at least I know now. It burns. Yes, my skin feels like it's burning at my first attempt on applying this but I gave it a few more chance but nothing changed. 

Overal View

This is no doubt would be good for those with normal/combination/sensitive skin but this is definitely not for me except for the face wash. I actually like it. I would recommend this to anyone who is on a budget to try since it's a very basic set. I think it's good enough. I like it since it's free from artificial perfume, no artificial colour and no harsh chemicals. But sadly, this is not really for me. 

Any comment on this? Have you ever tried products that doesn't suit you? 


  1. mcm nk cuba. skrg sy pakai cataphil

  2. selalu jugak try n error, huhu..

  3. Simple no brand yg former utk kulit sensitive Dan sesuai utk org yg x suka sgt chemical.. mild to skin

  4. Bagus boleh cuba trial kit dulu..

  5. kita pon try produk ni lps muka dah teruk sgt breakout.

  6. sy pernah try yg toner tu je tapi alhamdulilah muka xbreakout lpas guna. yang cleanser & moisturizer tu pulak xpernah try lagi sbb tak berani hahaha skin sy skrg pn ntah knp makin teruk dah :'(


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