Gifts update for my preloved giveaway

Gifts update for my preloved giveaway | I know my preloved giveaway may not be as grand as my last comeback giveaway two years ago but this time I am focusing on clearing my space and give away the things that I don't or rarely use. Plus, it feels great to be able to reconnect with you guys again. I love reading your thoughts (special segment). You guys made my day and I love all of you for that. Thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words. 

There's a few more which I haven't included but let it be surprised. It may not be something special to you guys but do know that I am the kind who keeps my things well as to preserve them for a very long time. Tried my best to keep them in the best condition and I've given a lot of thought about giving them away. 

  1. Smart Cat Vacuum Cup
  2. Sailormoon Phone Case (iPhone 8)
  3. Cardcaptor Sakura Airpod Case
  4. Sheet Mask (Anjeri and Mirae)
  5. Essence Salut Paris Eyeshadow Palette
  6. Silky Girl Double Take Mascara
  7. Tote & Pouch Bag from Istanbul
  8. Sailormoon Bag
  9. Jelly Bunny Handbag
  10. Metal Straw
  11. Camera Strap
  12. Perfume 
  13. Tissue Box Cover

The Salted Egg Powder is just an extra and I'm giving that away as well XD. I am a bit lazy to write about each of the gifts but here are the photos of it. If you'd like to have the chance to own these babies of mine feel free to join my giveaway if you haven't yet been a part of it. 

Preloved Giveaway by Raydah

So, as promised here is the gifts that I'm planning to give away to you guys. Which one would you like to have? hehe


  1. These are treasures for real. Hhahaha Those jelly bunny bags are the cutest :3

  2. Harap2 ada rezeki menang. ❤️ Sailormoon bag tuhhh

  3. Semua hadiah menarik dan comel comel :)

  4. Cute sakura airpod case! 😍
    But I don't have airpod. kekekeke

  5. all the cutest ... i dont know which one to choose hehehe

  6. semua cute2 items :) all the best semua yang join naa :)

  7. Comelnya semua. Rambang mata terus ni. Haha But, perfume just nice cause dah lama jugak tak ada beli perfume. ^^

  8. omg you have really good style. i wouldn't mind winning everything lol also i dont mind preloved giveaways im doing one too and it's just important for us to reduce our waste and give back!
    i mean unless its like items that are horribly stained lol

  9. omg! semua best! if me of course all the beauty products, make up (duhh love make up!!!! )hahaha...also stuff from istanbul! must be soo valuable..awww...

    *yeah sis kuat berangan..hahha

  10. so cute bag sailormoon tu..legend sgt kartun tu..hehe

  11. hello bag sailormoon tu comel gila?!

  12. Wowwww... Dat sailor moon bag n jelly bunny bag are GOLD!


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