5 Useful Tips to Optimise Your Instagram

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

5 Useful Tips to Optimise Your Instagram | Hi lovelies, I miss writing to you guys. A lot. But these days I've been having a blogging slump right after I recovered since I've not been well for quite a while. All my drafts were left unedited and for sure is not ready to be published yet. 

Despite that, I decided to put that away and am going to share some tips on how to optimize your Instagram. I'm sure everybody knows what Instagram is and the majority of us own at least one account. It's one of the most used platforms these days and it still is rising to the top. If you don't know, Instagram now has more than I billion monthly active users. That's a  lot of numbers.  

I am no influencer because I am not good at it but I was happy to be able to engage with a  lot of people as well as other parties through my Instagram account. There are a few tips that I learn throughout the year. I am not sure if this will help but there are so many ways that you can do to optimize your Instagram account. Here let me share 5 Useful Tips to Optimise Your Instagram.  

5 Useful Tips to Optimise Your Instagram

It doesn't matter if you want to start a business, wanting to become an influencer, or just simply wants to expand the growth of your Instagram account, you can always start with this. 

Without further ado, let's start. 

1. Instagram Business Profile

Since Instagram is already widely known, I'm sure you guys know what an Instagram profile is, but did you know that there 2 types of profiles to choose from. There is a normal one and Instagram Business profile. 

The difference between the two is when you choose the Business profile you'll get a bunch of extra features and tools that you can use to grow your account. As I said before, this is not necessarily accessible only to those with the business although it is beneficial for business owners since it includes Instagram shopping, ads, and insights. 

Through this, I got to monitor and watch how my Instagram account grows and plan what it is for me to post that would suit my profile. 

The data alone from the insights alone is super useful as you'll get to learn about your audience demographics, post impressions, post-performance, and follower growth. There's a lot more you can explore, so why not try now. 

2. Be creative with your bio

After setting up those details such as profile picture and name, people will definitely look at your bio. Mine is not as attractive and interesting as you'd think but I've simplified mine so that it would not be messy. But this is based only on your preferences. 

Here are some rough idea on how you can create your bio

1. Write something that is short and simple 

2. Emphasize the benefit they'll get by following your account

3. Used emoji wisely. Appropriately.

3. Set a theme to your feed

This is what I used when planning for my Instagram feed. Everyone has their own ways of editing and posting photos on Instagram. Some may choose to post raw photos while some my stick on one to one filter to match each and every post they made.  I'm not gonna write much about this but if you need and wanted to know about how I do it, maybe I can write a separate post for it. 

1. Lightroom/VSCO

2. Canva/Picsart

3. Preview/UNUM 

These are the three main applications that I used every time I needed to post a photo on my Instagram. For short, I edited my photos either through lightroom or canvas. Next, if I needed to, I will pick beautiful templated from Canva and unfold. This usually is for my Instagram stories. But sometimes, since I needed to put a logo on it these are the two applications I picked. Lastly, in order to arrange my feed to my likings, I used Preview or UNUM apps. It allows me to view rearranged the photos of my feed before I post anything. 

4. Share quality content and make use of Instagram story highlights

Well for this one I'm not really sure of what to talk about but I'm sure everyone had fun playing with all the filters on their Instagram stories. So, there's no need to explain what an Instagram story is, right? But you can take advantage and make full use of it. 

Other than posting on your feed, the Instagram story allows you to promote, educate, and engage with other users. It's like shifting to different pages from a book but this time you create it. 

Some of the tips I got on how to make use of the Instagram story is by separating your stories into different highlights. I know this is not new but just in case anyone needed some tips of forgot about it, they can always come back read it. 

Maybe you can showcase your travel tips, books, places to eat, types of clothing, and many more. I'm out of ideas of what to include because I am a bit sleepy right now. Sorry about that. But I'm sure you'll get all the points.

5. Optimize your call to action link with IgLinks

This is the most recent thing I found and definitely is very interesting. You can also optimize the use of your Instagram by placing IgLinks on your Instagram bio. This way people can easily explore your links just from a single click on your profile bio. 

Why I love IgLinks

First, it is because of the layout. You can customize your own template and put pictures on it. It is very interesting and I came back to my own IgLink dashboard so many times. It's fun playing and editing the template. 

Next would be because of the theme. There's not much for now but I know there will be more. the themes are designed with specific colors and fonts. Plus you can always change the theme anytime you want without having to edit the layout back. 

Easy to navigate around. Look how cool and simple it is. There are contact and social media icons there, making it easier for people to get through you on various platforms with unique links. 

See mine here

This makes it very useful to put on your Instagram bio when you wanted to share more than one link to your followers. Most users with less than 10k followers cannot put the link on their stories, so here's a good solution and idea on how to optimize the use of your Instagram. IgLinks is very convenient for both influencers and non-influencers. If you're like me and have more than one links to share, I'd suggest you try this. 

Basically, Instagram is not only a platform for you to post beautiful pictures, it is where people find the opportunity to do business and share a lot of informative stuff with their followers. But little do they know it takes more than just a photo to help them grow their profile. There's a lot of ways to optimize your Instagram which will later help you in expanding your account. I hope this will somehow help you too. 


  1. make it useful and beneficial ;)

  2. IG Mrs. A biasa-biasa jer... tak explore lagi segala apps tu

  3. Salam :)
    VSCO and other apps tu, u used the free version ke?
    I used the free vsco before, and filters dia sume mcm x best. So i stopped using. Ke i dont know how to choose suitable ones haha

    1. Wassalam. hiiii

      oh yeah i used the free version. i don't really use the filer yg ada. It actually depends on you utk guna yg mana, as for me i edited and made my own filter. even utk other apps pun, i've never really used the given filters sbb i have my own preferences.

      even if i used the one yg dah ada tu, i would just use it as a base and tukar setting lain. hehe

  4. nice sharing Ray! lawa terus IG nampak segak gitu. :)

  5. I have abandon Instagram for ages . I think its time to active again.Never know we can try business type too .

    Yep vsco , PicsArt , canvas is such a good app :) thank u for the tips

  6. i wanna create iglinks as well! thank you for sharing this tips

  7. interesting! thanks for the useful tips! will change mine, maybe editing pic first :D

  8. Thanks 4 sharing Ray. Akk nak try apps preview tu.

  9. Good sharing Ray. Dah guna watermark baru. yeay! Biasa Fiza edit guna lightroom je sebab senang nak dapatkan filter free :)

  10. Thanks for d tip ray.. Ig akak serabut dah🤣

  11. thanks for the tips....i dun have IG acc....just have a blog that sometimes hardly updated too...

    BTW....i like your desk neatly n nicely arrangement....feel the vibes to study tho....

  12. sometimes i do have this thot in my mind nak buat theme cantik2..
    but ended up jadi bersepah jugak hehe..

  13. This article is awesome! Also, IGLinks.io now has new themes, they are so prettyyyy!! Whoever is interested should check them out =)


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