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How I cope with stress | As some of you may know I am currently doing my postgraduate study and at the same time I’m working on multiple side hustles from being a social media manager, blogging, doing reviews as well starting a new business. Doing all these at the same time leads me to a certain level of stress and it's affecting my lifestyle.

There are times when I just felt super tired and don’t know what to do. Tiredness is a hugely common and growing concern among adults. It’s quite worrying because when we’re tired, we start to jeopardize our health, our body immunity as well concentration levels. All of this could lead to much more significant issues if it is not dealt with quickly. In fact, I am currently experiencing all these. To everyone who is stress, we can do this! Let’s be less stressed together.

What is stress?

Stress is your body's reaction to challenges and demands. There’s good stress and there is also bad stress. Of course, there are healthy ways to deal with it. Every day, every moment can be really stressful.

How I cope with stress

Good reading materials

I would some something to read. At a certain
 time when I am bored with the same genre, I’d pick a different genre. Sometimes I see things through the books I read. I'm sure all bookish can relate. I don't think I'm the type of person who's crazy about books but I can't deny it as well. When that happens, I would indulge myself in the story. Who knows what happens next. Apart from that, I'd read motivational books too. When you're down and lost, you just need something to lift you up. Books can do that too you know.

Meet a friend

This one helps me a lot. Considering the situation now, all we could do is to e-meet everyone. We see each other virtually. Before the start of another MCO, I managed to meet some of my close friends and that was it. God know-how I felt right at that moment. Just pure joy. Even if it's just one person that would be more than enough. As of now, I share stories with them virtually. You know things are now. Whatever it is I still had a good laugh and great catch-up sessions.

Going to the beach

I’m lucky to be living somewhere with beaches. Whenever I am super stressed, I'd bring myself to the beach and sit there quietly while enjoying the sound of the wave. Sea breezes can be a good healing therapy. It calms your mind. Away from the buzzing city and noises. 

Sleep and playing with my pets

Sleeping well is important in stress management. Your body needs rest as well as your brain. I don't think I need to elaborate much on this as we know how important a good amount of sleep is to our body and mind. Not enough sleep and too much sleep can be bad. So, careful guys. *wink

I also enjoy spending time with my pets. Just seeing them around is enough. They're like your moving therapy.

Play game on website

There we go, another addiction of mine. I can be very addicted to games. It's either I play games or I watch my friends play games. But don't get me wrong okay, I don't do games that involve online streaming but instead, I watch my friends stream online. This one is my current favorite. Online games have been helping me with my stress.

Recently I found this website called and there's a lot of games on it. It feels like we’re going back to that time where Miniclip was very popular among children and even adults. What got me hooked up was the puzzles game there.  My friends know how much I love puzzles and similar games. I’ve always love puzzles. It calms me down as I slide each block and match it all together. Somehow it feels reassuring because you know there’s always a way to solve things. While my head is a mess, puzzles would undo all the mess and get my head back in the game.

Oh, and there's also a pinball game. When was the last time you guys play pinball?

Even my friends were always amazed at me while being in disbelief. Like how could I stand the game? How was I able to be that patient and play the puzzles. While you guys are reading, I am busy playing Super Tetris. *wink

What is

It's a website that offers free and fun online games. No download needed and you just play straight from the browser. As many are stuck at home during lockdowns, I think this is a great website to kill time and release some stress.

I kinda miss playing games on pc and laptop since we’re now always on our phone. I've been hooked up on this game for quite a while already.

Okay here's what I love about

  • You can play games online and don't need to download any application. That'll take a lot of space on your device.
  • No ADS.
  • You play both on your laptop and even your phone. just type in and you're good to go.
  • You pay for nothing. No paid upgrades.
  • Super simple games that are fun.
  • Very casual games.
  • No need to register or set up a user account.

What else could you ask more? I'm enjoying this a lot. I've tried a lot of games and still got hooked up on Super Tetris trying to beat my own high score. Anyone wants to challenge me on the Super Tetris game? Who knows you'll be able to beat my scores. Screenshot and share with me if you did. I'll be waiting. *wink


  1. kita baca buku dengan tido je ahahaha

    1. Sep skali! hehe Tapi tido paling best. But bila betul2 dapat tido la. Kadang2 nak tido tp tak boleh tido, susah jugak macam tu. hahaha

      Masing2 ada their own ways of dealing with it kan. Nice one.

  2. biasanya kalau rasa tak selesa saya akan baring dan tidur =)

    1. Yeah agreed. Actually bila dapat baring tu rasa tenang sekejap.

  3. Replies
    1. Hahahahaa. Sleeping is the best. You'll wake up feeling refreshed.

    2. so far kalau stress semua Hans buat kecuali baca buku..hehehe

    3. hahahhahahhaahha okay ray paham tu XD

  4. Love your cats. They are so cute <3

    1. awwww thank you. Yeah they really cute. All cats are cute. hehe

  5. eeeeeee geramnya dgn karpet bergerak tu.. pinjam seminit boleh x ray?😆


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