Places I wish to visit in Singapore

I've gone to Johor a couple of times and have seen the border separating Malaysia and Singapore. I'm sure many of us know how near Johor and Singapore are. Yep, I've never been to Singapore. It has been on one of my lists to visit Singapore but sadly it was always held back due to many reasons. Despite that, I still wish for it and wanted to visit Singapore someday. 

I know for some people, going to Singapore is nothing much like traveling in the country since their place is near and doesn't really feel like going abroad. But not for me. Being occupied with so many things, this girl seldomly got the time to travel. 

For that reason, I'll list here some of the places I wish to go and visit. *wink

Places I wish to visit in Singapore

List of places I wish to visit in Singapore


In the midst of a city lies a wonderful man-made garden named Gardens by the Bay which provides breathtaking waterfront views. You could spend all day long in Garden By The Bay and not get tired of it as it comprises many other places like  The Cloud Forest, the Skyway, Flower Dome, and many more places to visit. 

It'll make you feel like entering another world, how do I say it? 


With the remarkable super-sized tree and a forest in the clouds, who wouldn't. I'd also love to see the world's largest glass greenhouse at Cloud Forest. 


From what I read, East Coast Park is a 15km stretches of man-made beach offering a variety of entertainment, sporting, and dining options. I would choose to enjoy myself at the East Coast Park for an urban getaway. Being a sea person, taking a stroll at the beach would also be perfect to release some stress. 

But if you're not like me who wishes to spend time walking by the beach, you can opt for cycling and rollerblading. Water sport and cable skiing are also available. So, there are so many things to do.


Jurong East, I don't know where that is but the Chinese & Japanese Gardens sounds like a good place to take a break from the swarming city life be it in Singapore or even here in Malaysia. Its nice, serene yet peaceful atmosphere makes you feel you are actually in China or Japan. An ancient one. 

Looking at the places from photos that people shared, no wonder the gardens are always visited by photographers to have the beautiful building or structure of the gardens in their photoshoots. Oh have I mentioned that these 2 gardens are connected to each other by a bridge called the Bridge of Double Beauty. 


I've mentioned before that Cloud Forest is located inside the Gardens by The Bay. Enfold in the mist, It'll eventually take you to another mysterious world.

It also had the tallest indoor waterfall in the world with the 35m tall hill that is coated in lush greenery. It is very easy to locate from afar as it looks like a dome except for this one is a greenhouse. 


I've always been someone who loves animals but never expected myself to actually adopting a bird myself. Well, basically it was rescued and given to us. I'm only taking care of it until it is free to survive by itself. It has been like that for the past year. That is why this time I am even more excited to visit Jurong Bird Park. 

It features over 8,000 feathered creatures that comprise more than 600 species. Jurong Bird Park is surely one of the places to visit in Singapore for those who enjoy spending time exploring the flora and fauna, not to forget bird lovers as well. 


Singapore Zoo is set in a tropical rainforest environment with an open concept making it a home to more than 2800 animals from 300 species in their natural habitats. Open concept means that all these animals are freely roaming in their own spaces. How cool is that? Just knowing this fact are already enough to make me mesmerized and amazed by the wonders of nature at Singapore Zoo. 

There's not just that, located in between the Night Safari and Singapore Zoo, filled with fresh water, this 12-hectare nature reserve is also home to countless aquatic animals. As a fact, it is home to more than 6,000 animals which include 40 endangered species, this is definitely one of the must-visits in Singapore. Plus, I haven't been to one in a long time. 

I remember going to Night Safari in Taiping and was beyond excited to know that there's also a night safari in Singapore. You can ride on a tram to see them lying down at their nocturnal habitats or you can venture into the jungle by taking the walking trails to intimately look at them!

From small to big, I like it that we'll get the chance to encounter different kinds of animals as well as the endangered species like Malayan tapir, Asian elephant, and Malayan tiger. After all, if you are an early sleeper, Night Safari is the place that worth staying late for.


Another place to visit in Singapore is S.E.A Aquarium. I'd love to be simply just immersed myself in the spectacular underwater domain of more than 100,000 sea creatures from 1,000 different species. It features a lot of water habitats in different zones and all sea creatures are grouped into their respective habitats and well-taken care of by the staff. I sure am excited thrilled to see all these amazing life forms like leopard sharks, goliath grouper, manta Raya, squadrons, and different kinds of live coral reefs at close hand.


I just realized in the middle of writing this that all the places I've mentioned are no other than places that are full of nature. Call me a nature lover, please. So then for everyone who is like me and is a keen nature lover, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve would honestly be a dream come true. It is definitely a natural wonder filled with plants and animals.

It's interesting that they are very famous for bird watching. This nature park is said to be first discovered by a group of birdwatchers from the Malayan Nature Society. 


The next will be the Botanical Garden. I love outdoor activities so it'll be a good opportunity to enjoy a wonderful time outdoor at Singapore’s very first UNESCO Site. Botanical Garden is also known as the oldest beautiful garden. 

Besides, it is also a perfect place for jogging, picnic, or simply just walk around to release some stress living up to its name as the recreational garden.


There are so many more interesting places to visit such as the southern ridges, MacRitchie Reservoir for Tree-top Walk, and the two places that are a must to visit like the merlion park and marina bay sands which are very famous throughout the world. 

Out of all the places in Singapore, there's this one hotel in Singapore that actually caught my attention. It is the Fullerton Hotel. It was said to be one of the stately historic buildings once home to the General Office and is actually within walking distance to attractions, shopping, and dining. Other than that, the hotel rooms are large and are equipped with a flat-screen TV and large windows. 

Here are more cool things about Fullerton Hotel that were mentioned by most people who went there. 

  • Spa Artisan offers Asian-inspired treatments
  • Infinity-edge pool overlooking the Marina bay
  • Stunning Marina views from some rooms and the restaurants
  • An Asian art gallery and a permanent heritage exhibition on-site
  • Well-equipped fitness center
  • Free Wi-Fi and a business center with secretarial services

Honestly,  I hope someday I'll get the chance and be able to visit some of these places. Well, at least one or once is enough. I know this is a bit long but still, I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Thank you so much for stopping by. 

Have you guys been there and what was it like? 


    1. Best kan kalau dpt jln2 oversea.. dpt pergi Singapore pun okay dah.. byk tpt menarik kat sana

      1. kannn. dah lama tak travel ni. rindunya nak p jenjalan!

    2. Haish..lamanya tak berjalan. Dapat ke negara jiran pun ok dah kan.

      1. same here. dapat pergi yg dekat pun jadi dah. but right now tak yakin lagi nak pergi memana. Let's hope we'll be able to travel soon. At least for it to be a lot safer and easier to travel around.

    3. suka tengok Fullerton Hotel & the bridge next to it..senibina klasik..

    4. My friend from Spore used to visit me here but I have not been to his country. So sad...

    5. Replies
      1. Wahhhh lucky you. Alhamdulillah rezeki.

    6. Looks so beautiful. I miss travelling.

    7. Sadly, Singapore is at the bottom of my to-visit list (probably not on my list at all) due to my family's back to back bad experience. But BIG YES to Cloud Forest! And don't forget Dining on the cable car heading towards Sentosa Island *big thumbs up*

      1. Oh my that's sad. I'm sorry that you guys had to experience something bad there. No wonder. I guess that's why it's even hard for me to get there. Maybe it's not my time yet.

    8. i like how you highlighted lots of place that i can venture with my own two foot and nature too! i always love these kind pf place and just be lost in it. i remember seeing garden by the bay in a movie and i was so enraptured by the beauty. i hope i can see it with my own two eyes!

      1. Awww thnx. Well, I just put out a list of all the places which caught my attention all along. I am too. I'd go for nature instead of the bustling city. I hope we both will get the chance to do so. ^^

    9. sy smpi singapore cuma setakat Woodlands je haahahah... teringin nk pergi lg tp apakan daya...bila laaa covid ni nak habiss

      1. tu la. tapi bagus jugak. boleh kumpul duit dulu hehe

    10. Syoknya tengok cloud forest tuuuuu

    11. wuu cepatlah cobid berlalu mama nank pi travel


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