Almost canceled my Foodpanda order but they did this instead

A few years ago, I wrote about Foodpanda canceling my order but today I'm gonna write about me almost canceling my Foodpanda order. Read the word, almost. Not yet canceled okay. These are two different restaurants, okay and I'm not gonna mention them here. Don't worry Foodpanda team, I'll still use your service whenever it is needed. 

Waited for one hour, I know for some people that's still reasonable and honestly, I was not mad at all. The truth is I was running out of time as my work hour is almost up and I needed to go out. Not blaming anyone as I understand the situations they're in with lots of orders, the drive-thru, and walk-in customers, and many more.

Okay, let's officially start. It won't be that long. Enjoy😊

Here's what happened. For a start, I've ordered my food okay. After almost one hour of waiting, I decided to just cancel my order since it was late and I'm running out of time. Hit the HELP button and was directed to another page. I clicked "How to Cancel My Order?" and a message bar pops up on the screen. It was fast. Thank goodness. 

So, before anyone is mad at the situation I'm in, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and understanding. I wanted to cancel my order not because I was mad but because I'm afraid I won't be able to get my food afterward as I'm heading out right after work.  But in the end, they helped me solved it. Thank you Foodpanda staff. You did great.

Almost canceled my Foodpanda order but they did this instead.

Not gonna write much about what happened but I manage to screenshot the conversation here. So here's the response I got. 

Oh, I haven't mentioned this but about the application, it can be really confusing. One moment it says your food is almost there and will arrive within 5-10 minutes. Okay, that's great. No problem.

However, then it says that it'll take a little longer. Cool, I am fine with that. There goes my time, I gotta wait for another 20-30 minutes. I can wait. I can wait. 

I don't mind if it happened once but what would you do, if this goes on more than 3 times on the same day you placed your order. 

Before I decided to actually cancel my order that day, I was supposed to wait for another 20 to 30 minutes. That'll make it one hour and a half of waiting. Sorry, just for that day and that moment, I can't. 😅


All in all, I am grateful that I still got my food. So happy and glad that they were fast in handling the situation. Thank god the staff was super helpful. He checked my order status. Issued me a voucher for my next purchase, which of course I'm definitely gonna use it. 

Again, I am not mad but just sharing my story here. It has been a while since I last share and talk to you guys on this favorite page of mine. I'm honored to have you guys as my reader. Bless you. 

If you haven't read about my order that was canceled, you can read it here.


For this one, I've learned my lesson. To not pay via cashless transaction just in case it got canceled again. I'd prefer cashless most of the time, but in some cases maybe not. It depends on my mode. Why? Because it'll take a while for them to refund it. I know there's so much process and procedure, at times I just don't want to wait. But still, we all gotta wait for it. No excuses. I do get a lot of responses (questions) regarding this. You're not alone guys, we're in this together. I hope whoever gets their order canceled and wasn't able to get the refund yet, I hope you'll be patient cause it'll take some time to settle. 

Thank you so much for reading my post this time. Do share with me your thoughts. We can help them to be better. *wink


  1. bagus cara foodpanda handle cepat sebelum klien mengamuk. lambat tu kadang ya la kita tak tau apa jadi kat rider ke apa kan. tapi dalam masa yg sama , pelanggan nk cepat mcm ray ni. of coursenk cancel sbb kita ada benda lagi yg urgent. yang pentng semua masalah settle. alhamdulillah

    1. betul betul. if takde pape yg urgent, tak kisah pun nak tunggu. risau jgk kt rider sbb tahu diorg just tolong pick up and hantar. tapi kebetulan ada hal, tu mcm terpaksa cancel. yes, Alhamdulillah puas hati dengan cara diorg handle. kudos to them.

  2. bgs betul cara diorg handle masalah sebegini... yalah... kalau diorg x buat baik2 nnt hlg customer pulak kan... ;-)

  3. rabia memang dowload app food panda. tapi tak pernah order

  4. saya pon tak pernah lagi guna servis foodpanda. alhamdulillah sini byk kedai makanan...kalau malas, either ikat perut atau maggi, hee

  5. The perils of modern living.

  6. kalau peak hour memang selalu ada problem huhu

  7. Bagusnyaaa foodpanda pujuk balik bagi voucher RM5 hehehe.
    Pengalaman kakak saya, menunggu selama 2 jam atau 3 jam macam tu. Tak tahu mana silapnya, sampai pukul 11 baru dinner. Dia nak cancel tak reti pulak masa tu. Nasib badannnn hahaha.

  8. nasib baik ray masih sabar kan, hii,,

  9. Foodpanda pandai pujuk, bagi voucher. :)

  10. timing kat foodpanda tu mmg selalu confusing mama pun selalu kena

  11. Foodpanda ni kadang tu service dia tiptop. Kadang-kadang tu dah bertukar jadi hijau pun problem tak settle juga.


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