My New 2022 Goals & Resolutions

My new 2022 Goals & Resolutions | How time flies that now we're already in the year of 2022. May this new year be a better year for all of us. Well, I said this every time it's a new year. It may or may not be a new beginning for all of us but still, we all pray for a better tomorrow. 

I hope everyone is doing better. The recent flood has affected so many of us. May God ease for all of us no matter what we do or wherever we are. Heals our broken hearts, our injured bodies and grant us all better and finer health.

Time never stops and every second counts. Honestly, I strongly believe that I've been wasting so much time. But all the time I lost was just me trying hard to figure myself out. So, it's okay, right? I've been sharing a few of my struggles and you guys were always there to support me. Thank you so much, everyone. 

Just recently I feel like I am finally back on my feet. While I was trying to figure things out, there were a lot of moments where my mind went absent like I'm not in this world. My body was there but my soul wasn't there. It was not a good experience and I tend to avoid a lot of things. 

It is okay for me to start something new right? So here are a few goals and resolutions I made for myself before 2021 ends before bidding it farewell. 

My New 2022 Goals & Resolutions

Befriending books again

I have a habit of buying books when I'm stressed but end up not being able to finish them. It took me a while to actually read the entire book while in the past it was not much of a problem. I stop reading and my vocabs are rusty. It's time to get over it. My collections of books have bundled up from all the stress buying mode I had all these years. Guess I won't have to buy more books in the near future. Now that could be another resolution for me, to not buy any more books before I finish all the books I already had. 

Blog in Malay

Few may know but I actually start my blog, my first ever blogpost in Malay. Never have I ever thought that I would actually start fully blogging in English. I can write a whole page of why I actually started using all English. Let me draft it all first and see if it's appropriate for me to publish it. 

Kidding. Maybe I would. You guys will need to be more patient and wait for it. So much intention but so little action. 

Blogging in Malay is a challenge too and definitely needs a whole lot of skills to master. I know it's not gonna be easy but I'm taking that baby steps out of my comfort zone. It might sound awkward but I'm gonna try it anyway. 

At the very least. I tried. 

To continue loving myself

These past 2 years have been hard for everyone especially due to the pandemic. Even before that I was already struggling with my mental health and kept breaking down from time to time. It gets even worse when movement control order starts as we weren't to go anywhere and socialize. Not saying I love socializing but it would be better if we get to spend time with our favorite people. 

It may sound surreal but I did realize that I wasn't really focusing on myself. I tried so hard to meet everyone's expectations that I lose myself in the process. I lose sight of myself until I don't recognize myself anymore. As cliche as it may sound it's the truth. I've been on a self-love journey for a while now and the inner me loves it. 

Hence, to keep loving myself is the best thing I could've ever done to myself and everyone around me. 

Complete at least one thing from 2021's unfinished list

I am ashamed of myself for not being able to complete my list last year. Having so many on the list and not being able to tick it off kinda makes me anxious about how incapable I was at doing what I want and what I need. Having too many on the list was one thing, and abandoning the list is one more thing. I end up not looking at it anymore until I forgot that I had one. 

Having the time and think and sort things out, I manage to pull myself up and decided to start again. 

Plan better 

This girl has never been a good problem and I have a knack for making things work on the spot. It doesn't work on everything of course but most of the time it did. I have to say that it does tire me out with all the spontaneous acts. At some point, it's the best trait that I have when it comes to not planning and things tend to turn out pretty well as I trust my guts on it. Nevertheless, I need to seriously start learning how to plan well for the better.

Get proper job

I've been working on my own for so long now that I don't remember when was the last time I did mingle around and spend time working with a colleague in a specific department. I love what I do but it's time for some changes. I kinda miss the environment with a lot of people around and meeting new individuals. Working on a project with a colleague sounds good too. 

Act my age

For as long as I can remember, people have often mistaken me to be younger than my age. I wonder if I look immature or if my temperament is what makes me the way I am. It's not gonna be easy trying to change my attitude and style but hopefully, it's gonna be worth it. I'll just try a bit and see how it goes. I gotta improve on my own decisions making as well as my patience.

One more thing, patience is not really my virtue. Patience is something we all gotta grasp and comply with through time. Not saying patience is something that marks you as mature but as we age, I myself am aging, I saw a lot of people being impatient and they have no desire of waiting in getting what they want. I'm no exception. 

Therefore, I keep on reminding myself to first analyze the situation and then decide on what to do. Be patient as the results will sooner or later emerge in front of you. Not just you, me. 

Get enough and better sleep

Sleeping has always been my problem for so many years. I've been suffering from insomnia since I was in school. Honestly, I am so tired of it but at the same time, I was able to be one step ahead of figuring myself out even though it took a long time. I get to try so many things and discover various alternatives which could help with sleeping problems. There were times when I thought, okay this is it. This would work but I end up being back to square one.

I've long accepted the fact that insomnia and I are inseparable but giving up my sleep is not an option I'd easily accept. 

Saying no to procrastination

Like I've mentioned earlier, I think I've been wasting so much time and that includes procrastination. I tend to skip so many things, especially those things that needed a lot of thinking and planning. I'm just an ordinary human being and making mistakes is proof that I am living. As we make mistakes, we're just gonna keep learning from them. 

Get out of my own way

So basically this is to summarize my biggest resolutions for 2022, to get out of my own way. I may be in my comfort zone that it doesn't get challenging anymore. Compiling all the lists I made, getting out of my own way is the most befitting thing I could conclude for myself. It's time to gain more and in order to do so, I need to stop being so cooped up in my very own world and start doing whatever it is that my heart desires. 

I missed the world around me.

Well, I'm not sure if there are still people that come by through my blog but I do know some people still do. Anyway, thank you guys for stopping by and I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a happy new year. 


  1. All the best Ray. Kakak so inspired with you resoultion. Boleh tiru sikit-sikit

    1. Thank you kakak. Hehe take whichever suits and will benefit you.

  2. Replies
    1. Happy new year to you too pretty. I love your new post. May we both be able to achieve our new goals in life. aamiin

  3. semoga berjaya dan pastikan juga target untuk jaga kesihatan


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