Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Retirement to Move to Florida

For many of us, moving to the Sunshine State has always been in the back of our heads. It might be a thought many of us push away as we think, “Maybe someday” or “It’ll happen once I retire.” It’s obviously a state known for its retirement communities but why wait? There’s no age requirement when it comes to having a better quality of life. 

Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Retirement to Move to Florida

No matter the point in life you are at, Florida just might make for a better place to settle down. Curious what makes this a great place for anyone regardless of age? Once you're done seeing these reasons, the next things you’ll be doing are packing your bags and grabbing a one-way ticket.

It's Economy

Everyone always hears about the retirees but there’s quite the job market in Florida. It’s the fourth-largest economy in the United States and that comes with the career opportunities you’d expect. However you make your living, you should be able to continue that down in Florida.

It’s also going to be a perfect place for those looking to try out a new career. Outside of the plenty of options when it comes to working in tourism, there are strong industries in international trade, agriculture (the first thing people are going to think about are the oranges), and the sciences which go beyond but also include NASA.

The Cost Of Living

Of course, this is great for those among us at retirement age, but don’t think that’s the only demographic that’s going to benefit from the lower cost of living. A great example of this is the fact that there’s no income tax in the state meaning more of your money earned is actually going to end up in your pocket. With more to keep, retirement here might actually happen sooner than you think.

More of your money to keep means the sooner you might be able to get yourself a house. Once you are looking at the market, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at how far your dollar is going to take you.

Taking one look at Fort Lauderdale houses for sale, and seeing the amazing value for the dollar, will leave you dumbfounded as to why you weren’t looking to make the move to Florida sooner.

You Can Spend Your Days Outside

There are few things better than a warm day with a clear sky and why wait until retirement to have most days of the year looking like that? There are obviously beaches to enjoy at any age but that’s not nearly the only thing there is to do in Florida. No matter how you like spending time with nature, odds are, Florida has it.

You’ll be able to take up any watersport you’ve ever been curious about, from kayaking to paddle boarding. Depending on the city you settle in, you might be seeing a tennis court in seemingly every direction.

There are plenty of scenic nature trails to enjoy as well whether you are looking to experience those on foot or while biking.


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