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If you're searching for a list of famous active bloggers in Malaysia for the year 2022, you've come to the right place. Feel free to roam around and visit them as they share various informative posts on their own particular websites. They gain thousands and millions of views because people keep coming back on their websites to search for information and read everything that they share.

So, are you ready? 

Here's my list of 2022's famous and most active bloggers in Malaysia.

1. Sis Hawa | Lifestyle Blog 

Her blog is about her daily life as a full-time housewife and also a writer. Siti Awadah is famously known as Sis Hawa. She's a mother to 6 children with five sons and a daughter as the youngest. Mainly, people keep coming back to her blog to read about the info related to everything about being a wife, a mother, and a full-time blogger. 

Other than that, she also shares things related to love and marriage, daily prayers, recipes, parenting tips, info about pregnancy, housing tips, blogging and Adsense, current issues, and many more

Apart from that Sis Hawa is also the founder of a blogging team called BITERS which consists of Malaysian Bloggers all over the country. 

2. Zaza Azman | Lifestyle Blogger

Zaza Azman or also known as Mama Monsta is a lifestyle blogger who usually blogs in English. She's a full-time housewife and has two children. 

She shares about food and also interesting places to eat. Other than that, she also shares her review on cosmetics and health products, children's development, general knowledge as well as tips about life. Basically here we can see that here blog niche is lifestyle, parenting, beauty, and food. 

3. Netty Ah Hiyer |  From a Journalist who writes for magazines to Travelog Journalist

Even way before, Netty wrote for a well-known magazine called "Mingguan Wanita" and still writing for one but now she continues writing for the online portal. while working from home she is also a housewife with 3 kids. 

This blog is a personal space that she used to share all kinds of info. It's all based on both her personal and other people's experiences that could benefit everyone who reads.

4. Bonde Zalifah | Lifestyle, Travel, Parenting, Recipe, Tips, Current Issues & Drama

This is a blog based on the life of a working woman who has a deep interest in blog writing. Bonde is a part-time writer with a 3 in 1 family member. Basically, her small family is her main inspiration in writing. 

Other info that Bonde shares are:

Daily Prayers, health tips, product reviews, and many more. She is also active on media socials like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

5. Rinazul | Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blog

This is a blog about Rina who shares her journey on achieving her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Apart from that, she also shares eating tips, health, household items, and business careers.

She's actually in the banking sector and decided to stop working at the age of 25 and starts blogging by sharing more about inspiration, motivation, and tips for all in order to achieve what the heart desires. In other words, she shares and inspires other people to achieve their dreams as well. 

More on Rinazul:

- Religious

- Sunnah's Food, 

- Eating Tips

- Business Tips  

- Household Items

You can also read more about her here -> Rinazul's Introduction

6. Azlinda Alin | Bicara Mummy

Azlinda Alin or usually known as Linda is a young mother to 3 beautiful kids. She is also a full-time blogger and a full-time entrepreneur. In her blog, she shares mainly about her personal life, lifestyle, parenting, travel, and food. 

Other than blogging, Linda is also active in other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and also Tiktok.

7. Shalimar | Lifestyle Blogger 

Shalimar is a lifestyle blogger who is also working full-time with a pair of kids. 

This blog is a personal blog that shares a lot of things. Most of it is on life. recipe, family related as well as product reviews. Sometimes, she also shares about experiences with drug addicts and things related to drug prevention. 

8. Bebelan Cik Min | Travel, Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

It is a blog about travel dan vacations. Cik Min also shares food reviews and beauties. 

9. Zati Salim | Lifestyle Blogger

This is a blog that shares recipes, parenting, drama, reviews, tips, and other extra information to all her readers. 

10. Mamy Syu | Lifestyle Parenting

Mamy Syu is a Malaysian Mommy Blogger. She shares tips about how to take care of children based on her own experience, breastfeeding tips, interesting reviews, delicious recipes, husband and wife's lifestyle as well as things related to vaccines. 

11. Hafiza Aizzawa | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

She's a mom and she's a blogger. At the same time, she is also working full-time with kids to take care of. Now that's a lot and she did it all. I gotta say it's not something easy to do. 

Her blog is usually about her very own experience like most lifestyle bloggers, well me as well. She often shared about her vacations and staycations to various places, the stories of her kids, cooking recipes, food reviews, and a lot more including going to events. I've never met her in person but I sure do want to meet her someday. Not only her but the others as well. 

Since she got a lot of offers to do reviews on Instagram, she would share it on her blog too. Mostly, her reviews are on beauty products dan her family vacations. Apart from that, she's also a media influencer that is active on Facebook, Instagram, and also Tiktok. So, if you guys wanna read more about various reviews, don't forget to give her blog a visit. 

12. Ana Suhana | Lifestyle and Mommy Blogger

Ana Suhana is a fulltime mommy blogger since 2017. Earlier her blog was known as travel & food as she enjoys sharing about her vacation trips within Malaysia. That includes reviews on the places she stays as well as all the places that she goes. Casually, she also shares recipes. 

Later on, she adds lifestyle as a part of her blog niche since there are a lot of topics on beauties and health, parenting, and Islamic sharing knowledge. All with the intention to share valuable information and knowledge that will benefit all the readers. 

13. Abam Kie | The Man of The House

Abam Kie is a blog own by a teacher from Kelantan who shares interesting experience from his life. He also writes about guidelines, tips and advices on how to financial management, lifestyle, family and about Islam. I think all these informations are very informative to read during free times. 

14. Mamapipie | Mommy Blogger

Mamapipie is one of my favorite bloggers. She's a working mommy blogger who starts writing on her blog just for the sake of keeping memories of her growing children. But as time goes by she starts to enjoy and it became a hobby. Mamapipie loves sharing about traveling, food, parenting, family, Islam, lifestyle, and many more. 

15. Cikza Mohmad | SLE fighter

This is a blog about Cikza's journey as she fights through SLE disease for almost 13 years. She's a definition of a fighter as she fought for almost five years to get a double line after 2 experiences of ectopic pregnancy 4 years ago. If you don't know, Ectopic Pregnancy is where the embryo attaches outside the uterus. 

This is also a space where she shares beneficial tips for all, interesting places to eat, and many more. 

16. Atul Hamid | Information

Atul is a wife and a mother to a pair of beautiful children. She used to work as a librarian at a university but now chooses to be a full-time housewife with a career. She is now a Shaklee business leader who works from home with sales up to 5 figures monthly. 

Atul is also a full-time blogger as she's very active in blogging. The blog atulhamid.com is a space where she shares about lifestyle, supplements, health, family, women, her career as a full-time housewife with a business, and more useful information to everyone. 

17. Azni | Lifestyle & Modern Mummy

A part-time blogger who is also working as a UX designer. Azni has a very deep interest in digital content and she started learning about SEO where it leads to this modern mummy thingy blog. 

The main niche of the blog is a lifestyle, parenting, finances, and travel. In short, it's more or less related to information and things that mommies in this modern time would love or be curious to know. You know, people always need extra sources of information. 

Oh wow, I haven't posted this long in a while. There may be other blogs that I didn't mention but personally, this is my pick. That is all for my update now. Feel free to visit them. Who knows you might find your new favorite Malaysian blogger. And find even more bloggers from their blog. Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by. I'll see you guys in my next post. 


  1. harap blog kita pun akan tersenarai suatu hari nanti

    1. In Shaa Allah. Heeee it's not impossible.

  2. wahh, dalam banyak2 blogger list ni. saya perasan saya seorang blogger dalam kategori mengarut je banyak. haha, nak kata life style pun macam tidak

    1. ahahahahah i think your content is fine. seronok kot baca pasal pengalam hiking semua. i love outdoor activities tapi x dpt peluang dah join.

  3. Ada dalam list ni yang seo power gila.

    1. IKR. power yang amat. memang dasyat.

  4. That was interesting, Ray! I didn't know any of them.

    1. Thank you dear Amalia. Yeah they're all active and some are very famous with an amazing number of views. I didn't know much about bloggers outside Malaysia.

  5. Most of the list, I tak tahu pun wujud. Nice content boleh lah tambah bahan untuk saya baca setiap hari kan

  6. aww tq ray. ray pun one of my fav blogger gak tau mmuahs

  7. Wah boleh singgah blog mereka pula lepas ni, ada yang tak pernah kenal ni

  8. Semua blogger hebat hebat ni. Tahniah untuk yang tersenarai.

  9. wahhh.. tahniah pada yang tersenarai ni....

  10. wahh daebakk..lepas ni boleh la nk terjah2 hihi..btw jom join GA syidah https://rasyidahsheresimpleblog.blogspot.com/2022/04/e-card-hari-raya-by-rasyidahsheresimple.html

  11. Wah, rupanya masih ada lagi blogger yang aktif sekarang. Namun sayang, ramai bloggers lama (2010 ke bawah) yang dah tak ber blogging lagi.. semua dah fokus di socmed sahaja. Sayangnya, blog content yang dibina bertahun ditinggalkan begitue sahaja huhu...

  12. Banyak juga blogger aktif ya, sama seperti di Indonesia


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