Your style can never go wrong with Lucca Vudor

Changing my style with Lucca Vudor. Hey guys, it has been a while. I hope it's not to late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya. I've been wanting to write and update you guys about you guys about so many things but I've been to occupied with so many things. I don't even have time to check my blog. 

I recently discovers this website that sells cute and pretty shoes. I decided to try it out. If you guys don't know, I'm actually very fond of cool shoes especially boots. Black and strong looking boots killed me every time. I'm weak. It gives me a boost of confident every time I put it on. I don't really wear flats or heels because most of my life I involves in sport and don't really how to do styles, femininely. Sandals? Rarely.

But as years goes by, we all grew right. The same goes to me. I'm very curious to how I actually look wearing a formal or casual style. Not that I've never ever tried but it was unconsciously done. Now that I am very conscious and aware of what I put on my body, I sort of wanted to transform for a bit. From a hoodie and tracksuit kind of girl to a feminine/formal/casual style. 

So back to the website, it's called Lucca Vudor. Feel free to check it out here.

Your style can never go wrong with Lucca Vudor 

My Pick: Saloma

Saloma is made with the signature Lucca Vudor pressure-relieving sole. Saloma is an open toe sandal. It is both suitable for casual and formal attire. Soft leather material. Colorful block heel. Unique leather upper details. Al these made Saloma must-get comfort shoes! 

After wearing my Saloma for a while, I fell deeper in love with it. I love the fact that they specially padded the insole with extra cushion and that it was made with a soft leather. I'm sure you guys know how annoying it is when you have to break into the shoes in order for it not to bite you back. Well this one, it didn't take too long. What I meant to say is that it's very comfortable. 

I still remember having to wear plasters to prevent blisters every time I wear new shoes. Even with socks, I'd have to prepare and wear a plaster. If not, I'd be suffering at the end of the day. Well, throughout the day actually. That's when my love for long boots grew even deeper. As they protect my feet and not bite them. But looking at it now, Lucca Vudor might actually change my mind, that not every shoe or sandals will cause you blisters. 

I tried 2 different styles with Lucca Vudor. 

Casual look

I have to say this style has never come to mind. I mean, it's pretty but I never thought that I could pull it off. A jacket paired with loose pants, a feminine handbag as well as the Lucca Vudor shoes. I am impressed with myself. Not entirely me because my sisters did a very excellent job helping me match all my attires. Well, if you follow my Instagram, you'd know how far I am from being a fashionista. XD

Hari Raya look

I'm so glad that I got these shoes before Hari Raya. Talk about Hari Raya, I still can't believe that we actually went through a historic moment as The Day earlier than expected that it causes panic to the entire country. No exception as everyone was involved it is. It was very memorable. 

Okay, let's continue with the looks. My Hari Raya look was very simple as I paired my blue 'Kurung' with a white mermaid pleated shawl and of course my beautiful Saloma by Lucca Vudor. It matches perfectly. Well, let me spill something. I don't even have any plan for my Raya attire but I was lucky enough to own a beautiful 'Kurung' gifted by my precious sister about a year ago. 

Talk about me not wearing something feminine, yes, I rarely wear something like dresses or skirts because I mainly am into sports or boyish kinda outfits. I'm in the process of changing that. I've always wanted to wear beautiful outfits, flowy skirts, and pretty colors but never really had the chance to. I have my own reasons and circumstances to live up to. But, I'm gonna try it anyway. Wish me luck.

There are a few more looks but my favorite photographer were not with me anymore and I don't really want it from anyone else. Picky me, but until I found someone who would best her in taking photos then I'll reconsider. I'm not a good photographer myself but having someone who is better at taking photos are a life saver. They're blessings. 

So, how do you like my style here, and which is your favorite?

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