Congratulations! Preloved Giveaway Lucky Winners

Hi guys. I'm back. I'm really sorry to keep you all waiting for my updates. Things have been really hectic and I was really out of it when the night came. There are so many reasons why this post came out really late. One of the reasons was actually none other than me and I. Obviously, it was because I couldn't update you guys due to my own weaknesses. So, here goes my super long-awaited update.

Fyi, this post and list existed long ago after the giveaway ends. So, I hope you'll understand why there are lists without any links there. Plus, I wanted to give to others as much as I could even the tiniest and littlest things. 


It's very late but here are the winners of my Preloved Giveaway.

  1. Rasyidahshere (28
  2. JMBelog (3)
  3. ZianaEunos (22)
  4. AbamKie (39) 
  5. Ombak Bergigi (17)
  6. Ema (10
  7. Aienienka (2
  8. Cik Kaella (18
  9. Hezzy Alia (9)
  10. Radhia Razali (13)
  11. Anak Denesor (41
  12. Tiara Sapphire (20)
  13. Aiman Salleh (29)
  14. Ejulz (4)
  15. Rabiahtul Adawiyah (19)
  16. InLove-Wanda (35)
  17. Misya (34)
  18. Nurul Aqidah Azhar (12)
  19. Mamapp (30)
  20. Nur Asyiqin (6)
  21. Azhafizah MN (37
  22. Ayu.Ju (27)
  23. Ammi (25)
You guys have been the sweetest. I had a hard time choosing the lucky ones for my special segment. I read some while smiling. And there was also a time when my tears kinda drop a bit. Just a bit. Because I was so touched by the words you guys gave me. It took me a while to process everything and I can finally come to a conclusion. To pick as many winners as I could. I wanted to give my things as much as I could. 

Special Segment Winners

  1. Nur2dunia (40)
  2. Lea Azleeya (36)
  3. Miera Azrin (32)
  4. Soyvirgo (42)
  5. Cik Renex (26)
  6. Kyratulamira (23)
  7. Farah Hanani Ramli (21)
  8. Suraya (15)
  9. Mialiana (11)
  10. Sophea (8
  11. Shikin razali (7)
  12. Atiezieya (5)
  13. Cuya (1)
  14. Farhana jafri (16)
To be very honest, it was super hard to make a decision on my special segment. There are so many that I wanted to choose because I love all of them. And looking at this list, I think it's like almost everyone makes it to the list. Both the lucky ones and the special segment winners. You guys are basically the chosen ones. hehe

Check your name and numbers now. Is it here? hehe. If it's listed, please fill in your details here

Contact me here directly on my telegram if you have any inquiries.

Thank you for trusting and having faith in me. Most importantly thank you for being so patient while waiting for me to update my entries. Thank you for not deleting your entry about my preloved giveaway yet. Now that is something to be looked up to.

For those whose name is up there, please fill in the Google Form so that I can send you your gifts asap. I'd be grateful if you could help me reach out to the other winners as well. Those whom you know or are close to. Just in case I couldn't reach out to them. 

Again, I would like to apologize for putting this on hold for a long time. Thank you thank you thank you for being a part of this journey. I hope this post would at least help to cheer you up a bit if you're not having a good day. Stay safe and take care. 


  1. adoi tak ingat bila join giveaway ni. btw tahniah semua :)

  2. tahniah semua pemenang.. honestly dah lupa dah GA Ray ni. anyway thank ye ray

  3. tak ingat laa bila masa jpin. Haha Thabks Ray bagi hadiah. Tahniah jugak pada para pemenang yang lain :)

  4. Dahhh send details
    Alhamdulillah happy sgt

  5. thanks Ray & congrats pd semua pemenang,

  6. Congratulations to all the winners!

  7. waaahhh, bestnya menang giveawayy... tahniah jugak utk pemenang yg lain!

  8. Eh tahu tahu menang. Hampir lupa giveaway ni dah lama berlalu. Alhamdulillah..terima kasih Ray. Tahniah untuk semuanya.

  9. abe kie dah isi GF tu. Alhamdulillah. Dpt la hadiah kali ini. Thanks, Ray!

  10. Tahniah kepada semua pemenang...

  11. ya Allah, lama senyap. baru perasan.

  12. Oh my god just finally back to blogging and notice this post. Congrats to all winners and Ray for this giveaway! 🌻

  13. alamak ade nama i..yeayyy baru je fill in form

  14. Aslm ray, mama dah selamat terima hadiah.. terima kasih ye

  15. Sory. Baru perasan. Apa2 pun, terima kasih. Tahniah semua

  16. Hi Ray,
    The gift received. Thank you :)

  17. Saya dah lambat sangat ni....tapi saya submit je alamat..ada rezeki adalah ya..hehehe


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