I went to Hannan Medispa Kuantan for the first time

I am not the kind of person who often go to salon or spa to pamper myself so I'm not sure what to expect from each places that I went to. But one thing for sure is I'd prefer a certain level of comfort and services they provided. That is of course should be worth the price that you pay since you're not going there for free. 

Hannan Medispa Kuantan

Actually, it has been quite a while when I last went to a salon for hair treatment, I've decided to give Hannan Medispa Kuantan a try. So, last week (probably a month has passed by now) I went to Hannan Medispa Kuantan for the first time and here's what I thought. 


Since they've move to a new place, there's plenty of parking spaces, which I love. I don't have to drive around for hours just to find a parking spot. If I'm not mistaken, they've move to a new spot like 2 years ago since the MCO near Hotel Sri Malaysia. Because before this, they situated very near to ECM. You know how packed and cram that place can be. But the new spot is much better and less crowded. Hopefully, it'll last for a long time.


The first time I laid my eyes inside the building, I gotta say I fell in love. It's so beautiful and pink (not my fav color but it's pretty). I looks and feel rich. If you know what I mean. The sofa, the carpet and the interior kinda gives you a bit of a cozy vibe. Not too cozy to the point that you wanna sleep in but enough to make you feel comfortable. Yep, comfortable it is. Plus, it is so spacious inside and I don't feel suffocated. 

I forgot to mention that it's a two story building. If you're doing facial then you'll be on the second floor. While, if you are doing hair appointments it's on the first floor. There's a large curtain separating the spaces just in case if someone bring their husband along to wait there. I was told like that by one of the staff. I thought it was not accessible for guys, and that they can't go inside since it's only for females. But hey, I understand and I'm fine with it. 

"Please bear in mind that this is not the kind of place which I go to, therefore what I stated is just the things that came to mind. My point of view on things are kinda simple. If I like it, I like it. If I don't, then I don't. If it's just okay, and that's it. Nothing more nothing less." 

Staff and services

On the day of  my appointment, there were only like two or three staff that was working on that day. Maybe that time of the day, there were only two to three people available. I guess, they're on a break or something. But they were all very kind and friendly. I love it. 

Just a side note, I don't really fancy hard sell on that very moment which I choose to relax. On that particular moment, I contemplate whether I should continue going there in the future or not. I hope you don't take it the wrong way from my words. They don't force you but they keep on talking about it and hoping that you would change your mind. We all have our different ways of approaching people so it's understandable. That one just not for me. 

No offense, I just don't like it. I'd love to take my mind off for a bit and not having to spend the time thinking and making other decisions. Like to buy or not to buy. Even if I have made myself clear about not buying it and people insist that I should, it definitely annoys me. I know what I want and what I need at that very moment. It's just a peace of mind. Thank you. 

All in all, I had a great time there. They provided good services and believe all the products are good. But not everyone need it or want it. That is all. Will I come back? I'm not sure. I might and I might not. It depends. Having a lot on my plate and going to the salon to relax plus doing treatments is not my priorities. Once in a while, I guess I should. 

Would I recommend? If it's your first time, I think it's okay to experience it. And if you're okay, then good. It's your choice. But bear in mind about all the promos and stuff. If you're like me, you might get annoyed a little since I don't like changing my mind at the very last moment. But I didn't tho. As my goal is to just do one thing, and that one thing only. Just listen very closely to what they said. Each and every word. If you don't understand, ask again. Don't make a decision which you don't meant to. It's not something bad but it happens and you might end up regretting it. 

It's not something new and I've experience it countless of times that I got bored of it. I end up just sticking to what I want. 

But, this is just my point of view and my own personal thoughts. All the staff were very friendly and kind. Will I go there again? 


I would go there again to get my hair wash and a head massage. I love the head massage. It makes me feel so good. They got the skills. *wink 

That will be all for now. Thank you for dropping by. Have you ever been to Hannan Medispa? How was it? 


  1. alahai semua pink color, cantik sgt deco dan terasa nyaman aje walaupun dari pic

    1. It is. The deco and interior mmg cantik.

  2. baru nak cuba yang dekat shah alam ni. tapi memang tak gemar kalau kita ke sana utk relax pastu kena add sana sini. tak boleh ke just bagi kita enjoy the treatment? ^_^!

    1. Ikr. But maybe it depends jugak on the places. The next time I went there diorg macam dah kenal and they only focus on doing the treatments. It's okay to give it a try. Services diorang okay. I enjoy it.


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