Pencuci Muka Untuk Kulit Berminyak Dan Sensitif | Jenis Water Based Yang Mengandungi Aloe Vera

Hello guys, I am back with another skincare topic.

Kali ni Ray nak share dengan korang another my new found cleanser yang sesuai with oily and sensitive skin. Since my niche kan lifestyle, that includes beauty as well. So, boleh la Ray sambung lagi my topic on this. Last time Ray share dengan korang pasal sunscreen. Hari ni Ray nak share dengan korang regarding a cleanser pulak.

To be honest my skin has been misbehaving lately. It's not too serious but still I'm very concerned about it. These few months Ray banyak keluar and berjemur under the sun. I've been at the construction site dari pagi sampai malam. Lepastu, in order to protect my skin from the harmful UV rays, Ray pakai sunscreen and a little bit of foundation. Can you imagine my skin throughout the day macam mana? My skin survived but it does feel very uncomfortable at times.

Berpeluh dan berminyak bergabung meletup. BOOM! Perfect to make you stress during the day.

Punca kulit berminyak


In my case ade dua situasi which akan buat my skin condition. If it's too hot or humid my skin can be really oily. And when it's too cold, for example kalau berada dalam tempat yang berpenghawa dingin, my skin tends to be really dry. That's why I avoided it or in another word, I can't really sleep dalam bilik yang ada aircond. It causes my skin to dehydrate really fast.


Hmmm yang ni pun berkait jugak. Ray perasan kan, bila terlalu stress, bintik-bintik merah akan start muncul on my forehead or bila jerawat muncul on my forehead Ray tahu that I am stressed. This is most probably due to hormone imbalance. Perubahan yang berlaku terhadap fizikal and mental kita akan mempengaruhi kadar rembesan hormone dalam badan kita.


Ini pun salah satu punca jugak. Cuaca tak menentu bukan je boleh menyebabkan kita demam or tak sihat, dengan kulit muka kita sekali yang tak sihatnya. Sekejap sejuk, sekejap panas. Kulit kita pun konfius. Sebum ni nak keluarkan banyak ke sikit? Last-last tersumbat and terjadi la acne.

Cara penjagaan muka

Macam mana korang jaga your skin? 

I am no expert and not the best in explaining about skin care but based on my experience I know my skin the best. Sebab tu Ray akan pilih pencuci muka untuk kulit berminyak sekiranya Ray tahu that my skin produces a little too much oil than the usual. For me, jenis pencuci muka tersangat lah penting but that is not all. It also depends on kita cuci muka berapa kali sehari.

In my case I,

  1. akan cuci my skin at least 2 kali sehari. Pagi & malam.
  2. guna cleanser yang bersesuaian dengan keadaan kulit
  3. lepas cuci muka, make sure untuk lap dengan tisu atau tuala yang bersih (khas untuk muka sahaja)

Cara Rawat Kulit Sensitif & Cara mencegah jerawat

As we all know, acne is not something we can fully control off but there's always a way untuk prevent it from breaking out on our skin. There's so many alternatives and ways. So, kalau korang tak tahu nak mula dari mana since banyak sangat caranya kan Ray akan suggest korang untuk cari pencuci muka yang bersesuaian with your skin.

As always, start small or back to basic. And finding the right cleanser is very crucial. If you have sensitive skin type or acne prone skin, cari pencuci muka jerawat and pencuci muka yang lembut untuk kulit sensitif. Meaning cari pencuci muka yang memang khas untuk masalah kulit berjerawat dan bebas dari alkohol, paraben. And another one is untuk consider water based cleanser.

Jerawat usually happens when hair follicles under the skin become clogged. Meaning pori-pori pada wajah kita tersumbat. So, having a water based cleanser after, usually helps cleanse or remove any leftover dirt, grime or cleanser residue.

Pencuci muka Aloe vera

Here's what I did. I use a specific cleanser to cleanse my skin and go on with the day. No kidding, it's a life saver bila kita jumpa , a certain product yang sesuai with our skin. Kalau sebelum ni Ray kongsikan sunscreen untuk semua jenis kulit, kali ni pulak Ray nak kongsi pasal pencuci muka untuk semua jenis kulit. It's time for me to talk about the Aloe Bubble Cleanser.

Pencuci Muka Terbaik Untuk Kulit Berminyak & Kulit Sensitif

I used to be very skeptical when it comes to bubble cleanser because it can be very drying after each wash even though it was meant for oily skin type. That's why I stop and change to another gentle cleanser. Sebab after a while, my skin starts naik bintik-bintik merah when it is too dry. So, the bubble/foam actually ripped off semua minyak on my skin a bit too much. It was okay at first tapi lama-lama, lain pula jadinya. But AC Aloe Bubble Cleanser uses 12 types of natural plant extract and it's a soft bubble type cleanser which contains two main ingredients that are good for the skin. That is Aloe vera and Tea Tree Oil.

Aloe Bubble Cleanser sesuai dijadikan pencuci muka untuk kulit sensitif & pencuci muka untuk kulit berminyak

Benefits of aloe vera on oily and sensitive skin

The benefits of aloe vera on a sensitive and oily skin is that it helps to prevent acne from appearing on the skin and reduces inflammation. It’s important to choose a product with no alcohol ingredients as it won’t inflame the skin. The best thing is that it helps to protect and heal our skin from the exposure of sunlight that might cause a burning sensation.

Benefits of tea tree oil on oily and sensitive skin

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. According to a result in a study, tea tree oil may benefit oily skin as it helps to reduce the amount of oils on the skin. Using a product containing tea tree oil may offer a number of benefits. For instance, it can help to treat a certain skin condition such as acne prone skin, itching and also oily skin. Other than that, it is also good in promoting wound healing. 

It'll clean the pore very deeply but at the same time it'll keep the skin moist. As for me, it doesn't give my skin any irritation and that's a good sign. In order for the bubble cleanser to work really well on your skin, as always make sure to wet both your hand and face, before you start massaging the bubble cleanser onto your skin. That way, you'll get more bubbles, a soft one for sure and a super clean but moist skin.

Kenapa pilih pencuci muka Aloe Vera

Adakah Aloe bubble cleanser, boleh dijadikan pencuci muka untuk kulit sensitif?

Scientifically and also based on studies, Aloe vera seems to have shown to accelerate wound healing and soother the skin. Which is why pencuci muka aloe vera can be pencuci muka yang terbaik untuk all skin types.

Facts that you should know why you should choose Aloe AC Clean Bubble cleanser. Let me list this out for you.

Good for all skin type

  • Recover pimples and help with acne
  • Fight pimples, clean pore deeply and soothing skin

Super Clean Bubble Cleanser Skin Care

  • Remove excess or extra sebum & oil on skin
  • Control oil production
  • clean deeply into pores of skin
  • moisture skin and not dry it out after being used


Okay guys, hear me out. I've explained before but here's more reason why I am in love with the Aloe Vera cleanser. If you look closely, the foam might seem very thick but if you feel it yourself it's actually very soft. So far, I am loving how it works on my skin. 

Soft watery bubble

These days my skin tiba-tiba unleashes a great amount of oil and that's a sign that my sebum needs help to control its oil production on my skin. The Aloe Bubble Cleanser really did its work in controlling it. You don't need to shake the bottle to get the foam out but you just need to simply pump and a soft bubble will appear out of the bottle.

Water based cleanser -  membersihkan hingga ke liang pori

In summary, I love the Aloe bubble cleanser sebab it’s suitable for oily and sensitive skin. I guess that was probably because of the main ingredients. Plus, everytime I cuci muka with the bubble cleanser, muka I tak rasa tegang pun. In fact, it felt really soft and clean. Love it!

Okay, that's it for now. I hope you enjoy my skincare tips today. Let me know if you want more and I'll share if I have any. Because currently, I'd prefer to stick to the ones I know that are suitable for my oily and sensitive skin. 

Brand: Hansaegee Nature 


  1. menariknya..should this one after this.. so far product from hansagae memang best sgt!

    1. Ray pun memang alternately guna Hansaegee Nature with my other products. Best!

  2. owh Hansaegee , pernah dulu kak ana menggunakannya .. sesuai cuma agak susah nak beli di pasaran :)

  3. memang best pakai foam ni.. buih banyak betul

  4. Pencuci muka Aloe Vera the best ya kak, kulit jadi halus lagi lembut.


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