How to Calm Down?

How to calm down? | I've been wanting to write this for quite some time and left it in the draft for so many months. I'm sure some of us know how anxiety feels and there will also be those who don't really know what anxiety really is. My anxiety hits me hard and I had a hard time doing my usual routines. It affects a lot of things. 

What is anxiety?

Basically, anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. It appears when you're anxious and scared about what's coming in the future. You're just scared about something that you're unsure of. If you've experienced it, I'm sure you know how to actually feels. If you've never experienced it, I'll pray and hope that you'll never have one. God knows how much it hurts. 

If you'd want me to simplify it, anxiety makes you nervous, anxious, restless and scared of everything that ever happened and will happen in your life. At one point, you'll just break down... I'm not gonna continue with what's next. It could trigger something that shouldn't be touched. 

What causes anxiety? 

There are so many reasons why anxiety strikes us. It came unannounced and when it does, it'll crumble your world down slowly without you even realizing it. Mainly it was because of stress. The stress at your workplace, worrying about your relationships, overthinking about a lot of things and you're just afraid of everything.

I've been having trouble calming down and it gets worst every time. I've tried so many things and not everything works the way it was supposed to. Not gonna get into detail but I've shared a few things about my anxiety in the past.

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Only thinking about how to overcome it won't do you any good if you don't start doing and work to make yourself feel better. 

Here are a few things that you can do to help you calm down. It helps me calm down.

1. Breathe
2. Admit that you're anxious or angry  
3. Challenge your thoughts
4. Release that anxiety or anger
5. Visualize yourself calm
6. Think it through
7. Listen to music
8. Change your focus
9. Relax your body
10. Write it down and express your thoughts
11. Get some fresh air
12. Fuel your body and stay hydrated
13. Read something good
14. Talk to someone you trust
15. Identify pressure points to calm anger and anxiety (massaging, acupuncture)
16. Change your routine
17. Add exercises to your routine
18. Let it all out and cry

I'm just gonna list it here first. If you ever have anything in mind that you wish to share such as other ways to calm down or your own experience, feel free to fill and write in the comments below. I'd love to read it. 

My contact box is always open for you guys to send me messages. I'll be happy to read them too. 

If you're having a hard time to calm down, don't panic. Fine help. Okay. 


  1. Such a great post. I am highly anxious and I have suffered from anxiety since forever> What made worst was having the wrong people around me. Fears, judgement, unkindness, gossip all of it had a huge toll Now I got rid of everyone who contributed to my anxiety and depression. It is so much better I can breathe again however to feel good I decided to kind of isolate myself which I love So it works for me but it is impossible to fully isolate so I am taking baby steps in getting myself out there again cautiously and life is slowly getting back to normality and I hope it fully will Thanks for the lovely post Have a wonderful weekend xoxo Cris

  2. Thanks for posting this... I'd like to add some tips:
    19. Draw something, anything (I can't draw but I draw anyway)
    20. Listen to people reading poems (Just listen, don't really need understand)
    Or just do your hobby^^

  3. Perkongsian yang sangat bagus Ray.. Selalu support rakan-rakan yang ada masalah ini.. Ada jugalah jadi kat diri sendiri tapi masih terkawal.. Paling susah bila ada yang menghakimi dan memandang remeh pada mereka yang ada masalah ini..

  4. Masa mula2 rabia masuk belajar sambung diploma ni, rabia tak ada kawan,group assigment je org sama je. Dengan kerenah kawan2 group assigment lagi . I stress sgt + letih. Sampaikan berapa kali rabia pergi klinik jumpa doktor. doktor say u ada mental exhausted. mental keletihan. Otak penat tau. Fikir nak buat assigment lagi,kawan pulak buat perangai . Kalau ikutkan byk kali kot rabia nak berhenti belajar . But my parents bagi support.

    Alhamdulillah sekarang dah last semester. Alhamdulillah my parents lah yg always bagi support.

  5. to be honest, i never though that i have an anxiety too after reading your post. Im always stressing about things that dont even happen yet plus hurting my own feeling by imagine the fake scenarios. Thanks for the lists!! I'll try them!! <3

  6. thanks for the share....rietta pula suka buat hobby rietta masa tu...lukis ke...crafting ke...atau photoshoot...

  7. Yes, just keep calm down to fight any troubles in our life...

  8. Remember when u asked my opinion about further study? I just couldnt answer it since i am a dropped out student. Haha..took my master but anxiety attacked me badly. Every time i think about study, i felt wanna puke. My bad, i cant continue it :(

  9. I find that my anxiety worsens when I start isolating myself in my own room for long period of time. Now Alhamdulillah it's getting better but sometimes I still feel very overwhelmed when there are too many assignments or things to be done.


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