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Tips on getting your dream house | Hey guys, this is not my topic but I'm willing to share what I read and learn. It's not much and I need to do a lot of reading for sure. I still don't have my own house but it's a dream of mine and I know everyone else has the same dream too. It is to own your own dream house. I may not be able to own one yet but there are a lot of tips shared by so many experts which I enjoy reading it. I hope this will somehow help you too. 

Tips on getting your dream house

Everyone has their own target when it comes to buying a house. Let's say that by the age of 30 we wanted to settle down, have our own house to live in with our family someday. But, you know what, this very early stage of buying a house can be very confusing. Not having our own preferences might make it worse. 

So, here are a few tips on getting your dream house which I'd love to share.

Pick your locations

Pick and shortlist the locations you preferred. By shortlist, it means just a few and not too much. We might get another problem and may not be able to pick any. I'll say 3 locations would be sufficient. Not just any location, but a location that you feel would be best for your future family. 

Loan Check

Okay for this one, make sure that you go to the right sources. You can check this one out directly with a banker. A certified one of course. They can help you to make calculations based on your current salary as well as commitments. Once you're got your amount, or the amount that you are suitable with your current commitments and salary, then you can proceed to find a property or in other words your dream future dream house. 

It does not end here. Continue and read okay.

Let me add some more. As for me, I'd love to get myself ready before meeting a banker or anyone you'll be having a discussion with. You might not want to be empty or absent-minded when it comes to numbers and everything. Some people might find it a bit overwhelming when they're shocked or trying to process something. 

So, in order to prepare for that, you might want to consider trying to learn and calculate the numbers yourself. If you need to know your numbers in advance or Mortgage Qualification Based on Income, you can use this Online Eligibility Calculator. It'll give you the answer or the numbers you need. Based on this you can as well check how much loan you're eligible for. 

Anyway, don't be afraid or shy to make an appointment with bankers or certified loan officers. Take your time and make the best choice for you and your family.

The type of property

Next are types of property. You should be able to decide which type of property you'd prefer. Is it a landed house or a condominium? It'll be based on your plan for the future of how it's gonna be. For example, the size of your family, the duration of your stay (how long or how many years it'll be), and so many more to consider. 

Wow, I'm sweating. There's so much to think about. Don't go beyond your budget. Well of course it should be a match to your loan affordability. I can't believe I am using these words now. So, not me but we all have to think about it whether we like it or not. 

Viewing houses

This should be fun. I love looking at houses. Mini and real ones are both interesting to look at. I'm not sure how to say this but let's pick a situation where you wanted to buy a terrace house at a specific housing Park. You better go for viewing from every corner and every area. Why? You need to understand everything, especially if that place is suitable for you and your family when you lived there. 

Don't worry you won't get lost. Pick a trusted agent and ask for a layout. Or a few layouts. Study them and go look at the place yourself. 

Apart from that I also learn that there's a term called "Non-negotiable needs in looking for a property." There's so much more to this that I don't think I'll be able to continue and write. But you can google it or ask your agent. 

If what I wrote is wrong, please let me know. I'm no expert or pro in this. I just barely took a small dive into it and that's all, the least I know. I'll see you guys in my next post. Stay safe and take care, everyone. 


  1. Susah nak pilih lokasi sekarang. Nak lokasi best, harga mahal. Harga ok lokasi pula tak best.

    1. setujuuuu.

      ada basic facilities - hypermarket / school / hospital okay rasanya. apa2pun depends on preference masing2 hehe

      duit pun kena ada. haha

  2. Viewing the house tu rasanya best. Boleh tengok every corner ot the place, ok ke tak.
    Kalau new housing area, maybe cons dia Kita x kenal jiran2 , tp kalau area tu dah kena occupy, bolehlah chit chat sekali dengan org2 sekitar tanya itu ini utk extra information kan. Semoga berjaya mencapai impian beli rumah sendiri.

  3. Bab pilih lokasi tu betul.. lagi-lagi yang sekeliling banyak kemudahan dan mudah nak akses ke mana-mana.

  4. Nice tips. Now we are staying in a small apartment and really struggling and juggling with life to get our dream house before 'pencen'!

  5. Nice sharing... Nak beli rumah tak mudah juga.. kena buat pilihan yang betul agar tak menyesal dikemudian hari...

  6. Thanks for the sharing! Banyak benda yang perlu dipertimbangkan sebelum beli rumah ni..

  7. Terima kasih share tips. Lokasi rumah tu penting sangat sebab ia melibatkan jangka masa panjang akan datang. Silap lokasi merana lah nak ulang alik pergi kerja atau urusan penting harian yang lain.

  8. Terima kasih share tips Ray, nak beli rumah nie memang kena betul-betul tengok segala segi kan..


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