My favorite date


Honestly, every year as time goes by I'd wish for nothing but the best for me and everyone around me. I'd remind myself to continue being grateful and live my life to the fullest while benefitting others. With Allah's will. As everything in this life is temporary, let's appreciate everything and everyone that is around us. Alhamdulillah for yesterday, today and for whatever that is coming in the future.

May every single sould who read this mendapat ketenangan and kebahagiaan di dunia dan juga di akhirat. ameen ya robbal alamin


  1. Terima kasih atas hadiah :)

  2. Happy birthday kak ray semoga dipanjangkan umur dimewahkan rezeki kak <3

  3. Happy birthday sis Ray ❤🤲🏻💗🥳 May Allah Bless You Always 💗

  4. Happy belated birthday Ray..
    Semoga sentiasa daam rahmat Allah.. Aamiin..


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