Pilih Sunscreen Aloe Vera SPF 50 yang Memudahkan Urusan Seharian – Sunscreen Terbaik 2023

Almost 2 weeks has passed and I am still recovering from a cold. It has been a while since I actually got sick. For me, the cold was not that bad but my whole body was sore, I have no energy, it's very suffocating that I had a very painful sore throat and the flu, it's affecting my daily task. Begitulah kehidupan, bila dah lama sangat sihat, Allah beri waktu untuk kita rehat. Betul tak? Tapi Alhamdulillah, all is well and I had a good rest. Tried my best to stay as healthy as I can but I guess our body really have our own limits. My body gave in to the cold this time and I had to stay in bed for 3 whole days. Sebenarnya it was more than 3 days but the fourth day I went to work macam biasa but end up cuddling on my bed as soon as I reached home. Ni dah masuk minggu ke-2, and I'm feeling so much better. 

Okay itu je la update buat masa sekarang. Kidding! Ade lagi okay.

Tapi lately ni kan, bila umur dah meningkat nak masuk 30 dah tahun depan (pause jap, realizing I'm almost 30 but not yet married), a lot of things changes. Terlalu banyak perubahan yang berlaku hidup Ray. From my thoughts, to my lifestyle, my routine and so many more. It's like I'm in a different phase of life. Realitinya memang macam tu la kan. There's one thing I've always wanted to improve, that is to live in minimal. I kept too many things, physically and mentally. Haaa faham tak? Physical tu like barang-barang and other stuff. Mentally I kept too many things to myself, I think too much and it led me astray. Astray may sound a bit too much but sama macam ni la, a bit off the track like that. It messed up so many things when I failed to reorganize my thoughts. 

So, one of the things I did to change is to dress and get ready in the simplest way possible. For example, I am blessed to be working in an environment that does not need me to wear that much make up and I only apply sunscreen every single day and all the time. Except kalau ade extra job for my social media. But most of the time memang I apply sunscreen je. Tapi bila pakai make up pun I akan apply sunscreen okay. Wajib! Sunscreen bukan sebarang sunscreen sebab my skin ni jenis combination and ada time it'll get very oily or very dry depending on the environment. So, I akan pilih sunscreen yang sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit and sunscreen spf 50. And yang paling I suka sunscreen yang boleh basuh dengan air. Senang Ray nak cuci setiap kali nak solat and tak payah guna micellar water atau facial wipes. Tak lain tak bukan, semestinya sunscreen aloe vera. Eheee suka la borak pasal sunscreen ni. Sunscreen dah jadi antara benda paling penting dalam hidup Ray. Sunscreen pilihan Ray these days is sunscreen aloe vera and ray memang apply in my daily life.

Okay let me share with you why I love and pick aloe vera sunscreen from Hansaegee Nature to use in my daily life. 

Sunscreen yang tidak waterproof

Personally, bagi Ray sunscreen yang bagus is sunscreen yang boleh basuh dengan air. Yep, you heard me right. Sunscreen yang bagus ialah sunscreen yang tidak kalis air. This is because, bila kita pakai susncreen yang tak waterproof, it'll help our skin better by preventing the pores from tersumbat. Ever wonder why sometimes our skin mudah sangat naik jerawat? That's because liang pori on our skin tersumbat due to excess sebum yang terhasil secara semula jadi on our skin. Or we usually called it as clogged pores. Usually waterproof formulas are formulated with comedogenic ingredients which at the same merupakan the cause why liang pori on the skin cepat tersumbat. It's gonna be worse if it's not removed properly. Meaning, we have to make sure yang kita bersihkan betul-betul all the products on our skin. Dengan kata lain sunscreen aloe vera ni merupakan sunscreen yang tidak menyumbat pori. Definitely because it's so easy to wash it. So, in shaa Allah kita boleh prevent our skin from breaking out too often (or not at all) with the right method and right products.  

Having and using a sunscreen yang tak waterproof ni memang truly a life changer. Urusan harian jadi mudah betul. Tak perlu fikir panjang tiap kali nak solat or bersiap semula. Ringan sikit beg Ray these days as I don't need to bring micellar water or facial wipes dalam beg. I know, there's smaller ones but those two things makes a huge different as well. Please tell me I'm right and you felt the same too. 

Light and moisturized

Now here's why Ray cakap it's very convenient to have this sunscreen SPF 50 around and memudahkan urusan. One of the reason is because the sunscreen itself is light and moisturized. To go further, the texture is very smooth, not sticky, not oily and boleh bantu kekalkan kelembapan kulit. you got me? With just a sunscreen you got all that. You're skin is moisturised with the help of aloe vera and glycerin ingredients yang ada dalam the sunscreen. Ray tak perlu risau sangat and takut if my skin akan jadi dry. Sebab, lepas dah cuci Ray tak akan pakai skincare dah tau as I only apply my skincare 2 times a day. So, having a moisturized sunscreen macam ni sangat la best ye. 

I still remember dulu kecoh pasal product local yang timbang kilo ada merkuri and sangat ramai yang suffer the after effects of it's usage. Tapi zaman sekarang dah banyak skin care products Malaysia yang bagus. It does took me awhile untuk cari produk skincare terbaik for myself. Sometimes bila kita study the ingredients and confirm semua okay belum tentu it's suitable with our skin. Betul tak? Awal-awal guna macam berkesan but after awhile we found out that it's not actually sesuai with our skin. Dulu Ray malas nak cari and tak percaya sangat pasal skincare yg Ray jumpa online kat Malaysia ni. Tapi sekarang rasa bangga pulak sebab product lokal dah setaraf dengan produk antarabangsa. syabas Ray ucapkan. 

Sunscreen no white cast

This is one of the most annoying thing when applying sunscreen especially bila ada white cast. Automatik kulit muka kita akan nampak kusam. Nak nak lagi kalau jenis yang kulit tanned. For those with lighter skin, it might not be too visible but it is definitely a red flag for a sunscreen yang tinggalkan too much white cast. Kalau you guys nak cari sunscreen yang tidak meninggalkan white cast, I would recommend Aloe Vera Sunscreen Hansaegee Nature. Lagi satu, texture sunscreen aloe vera ni lightweight je, so korang tak perlu risau everytime perlu reapply. It's not oily and definitely won't cause clogged pores since it's very easy to wash away. Bila basuh tu, kita boleh tengok the white residue mengalir away from our skin. From there we can see that it won't leave any residue on the skin which makes it clean. And we know it's clean. *wink

As day cream

Sebelum nak keluar pergi memana, I'll make sure to apply and reapply sunscreen whenever needed. Selalunya I akan apply masa kat rumah. But after 2 hours passed I'll make sure to reapply no matter where I'm at. That one time, I went to the toilet dalam mall just to reapply my sunscreen and I notice one little was staring at me the whole time. Segan but I hope it'll someday inspire her to do the same. To not be shy and do what's good for yourself and I hope she knows the important of applying sunscreen. hehe

Since I don't really wear any make up and hanya apply sunscreen (after moisturiser of course), the aloe vera sunscreen ni dah jadi macam my day cream. Krim siang terbaik gtu! Sebab dye boleh tone up kan sikit your skin colour. Even tho macam tu, it doesn't leave any white cast. Because I have some experience trying various day cream and I regretted it. No kidding. Not gonna mention any names but I guess my skin was just not suited for it no matter how much I try. Due to that, tiny bumps started to appear on my skin. My forehead, my cheeks, and my chin. Nak pakai make up pun takde mood. I actually gave up on wearing any day cream until Ray jumpe the aloe vera sunscreen. Ini cuma my own personal thoughts based on my personal experience okay. So, let's digest it in the best way possible, kays. We have our own skin journey. 

Sunscreen packaging 

Okay this one is another concern when it comes to sunscreen, the packaging. I've experience leakage kat dalam beg quite a few times and that's very frustrating. Yes yes, my sunscreen tumpah kat dalam bag. Padahal sunscreen tu kecik je. Sangat menganggu mood saya. Saya geram. Stress bila perkara ini terjadi. So, I end up packing it up in a zip lock bag before letak dalam bag. Annoying kan. Satu hal pulak nak kene cuci my bag because of that. 

Sunscreen Aloe Vera Hansaegee Nature is packed in 70ml tube. Not too big and not too small I'd say. Tapi Ray tak risau pun untuk letak dalam bag sebab Ray perasan penutup dye ada some kind of twist and lock system. Nanti korang tengok tau gambar yang ray share kt bawah ni.

Cara pakai susncreen yang betul

This one is very important. Pakai sunscreen tu dah bagus tapi tahu cara pakai sunscreen yang betul pun penting. My ways of applying sunscreen might not be the best but I've studied a few tips to maximize the benefits of applying sunscreen onto our skin. Sunscreen spf 50 sebaiknya disapu rata atas permukaan kulit sekurang-kurangnya 20 minit sebelum our skin are exposed to the UV in order to create the intended protective barrier. It's better untuk apply it evenly on a clean and dry skin. So, 20 minutes before keluar rumah memang Ray akan pastikan that I already applied my sunscreen after doing my skincare. And then every two hours Ray akan make sure to reapply sunscreen semula sebab after 2 hours the active ingredients yang protect our skin from the UV akan start to break down while protecting our skin. Using only the best sunscreen is not enough without a proper technique. Betul tak? And then satu lagi, we know kan kalau concerning kulit kering and kulit berminyak ni it demands different types of ingredients in our skincare termasuk la sunscreen. But korang tak perlu risau sangat pasal tu since aloe vera sunscreen ni sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit. Problems solved! 

If you think wearing sunscreen is not important, you might wanna reconsider that. If you've tried so many things to get healthy skin but it doesn't work you might want to take a step back and go back to basic. Meaning, stop using too many things on your skin and use only a few macam just cleanser and sunscreen. Who knows, you'll get better results. Sama macam dalam kehidupan, kadang-kadang we're too occupied with so many things in life that our fikiran jadi serabut macam sabut kelapa. So, try to unwind it one by one and get back on your feet when you're done and ready. It might not sound too relatable but trust me, I do have a point there if you look closely.  

You guys can always check them out here.

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  1. I'm behind with my blog reading so hope you're feeling well by now and enjoying the summer.

  2. Bolehlah Shabelikan untuk anak dara.. dia nak sunscreen..

  3. Pakai yang ni juga. Best kan pakai sunscreen ni. Takde white cast tu yang penting.


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