Bagaimana Memilih Hybrid sunscreen Terbaik Supaya Kulit Muka Sihat Dan Glowing?

Hi guys, it has been a while. 
Hari ni Ray nak share dengan korang pasal hybrid sunscreen. Mesti ramai lagi kan yang tak berapa faham apa sebenarnya hybrid sunscreen ni. Ray sendiri pun tak tahu apa itu hybrid sunscreen in the first place. Now that I've used and tried multiple types of sunscreen, baru ray faham. 
Apa itu physical dan chemical sunscreen?
Physical or mineral sunscreen actually helps to shield the skin from sun rays. It delivers broad spectrum protection by reflecting UV radiation away from your skin. In another word, physical sunscreen membantu melindungi kulit kita dengan memantulkan kembali cahaya UV yg terpancar pada kulit kita. It sits on top of the skin. Meaning the sunscreen hanya ada on the surface of kulit kita dan meresap ke dalam.
Chemical sunscreen - while physical sunscreen sits on top of the skin, chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin and then absorbs UV rays, converting the rays into heat and releasing them from the body. Chemical sunscreen pulak menyerap atau meresap ke dalam kulit kita. Dalam kata lain, The chemical sunscreen akan tukar UV ray kepada haba dan release haba tu away daripada kulit. So, the UV ray takkan dapat menyerap ke dalam kulit kita. Sebab tu kulit kita masih selamat and terlindung daripada efek negatif UV ray. Okay faham tak.
So basically hybrid is similar to combination, fusion or a mixture of two or more substances. In other words, hybrid sunscreen is a combination of chemical and physical sunscreen. Where it combines mineral and chemical filters. Which means, all the goodness from both ingredients are chosen whereas the bad things are filtered away.
Due to that, within one hybrid sunscreen you’ll get both the ease of application from a chemical sunscreen and the broad-spectrum coverage of a mineral sunscreen. Jadinya, hybrid sunscreen ni adalah gabungan daripada bahan-bahan terbaik daripada both physical and chemical sunscreen. Bergabung meletup jadilah Hybrid sunscreen terbaik yang pernah Ray jumpa. Ray guna Hansaegee Aloe Vera sunscreen. Mine is hybrid sunscreen from Korea and it is already available in Malaysia for quite a while tau. Since it’s from Korea, an Asian country, the product is suitable for our Asian skin. And that’s a bonus. Don’t you agree? 
I know ramai yang dah sedar betapa pentingnya penggunaan sunscreen atau sunblock dalam kehidupan seharian. Not gonna lie, once Ray starts applying the right sunscreen to my skin, my life changes and I can't go a day without applying any sunscreen. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, a sunscreen memang wajib untuk I apply. If not, rasa macam tak complete hidup. I feel so lucky and grateful sebab dah dikenalkan dengan hybrid sunscreen terbaik since the beginning. One of the best hybrid sunscreen I would recommend is the Aloe Vera Sunscreen Hansaegee Nature. Kenapa one of them? It's because there's a lot of hyrbrid sunscreen plus I already owned and used hybrid sunscreen myself. That's why Ray sangat suka hybrid sunscreen and I bring it everywhere. 

Selama Ray pakai the Aloe Vera Sunscreen, never once Ray rasa nak tukar to another sunscreen. Cuma, kalau the suncreen takde dalam beg, I'd feel very troubled. Since I wear no make up on a daily basis, Ray akan make sure to reapply my sunscreen. It doesn't hurt or burn my skin like certain sunscreen did. Lepastu, muka Ray jadi tak terlalu berminyak and it is so easy to wash. 

Sunscreen SPF50

Sebelum ni Ray tak pernah terfikir pun yang the word spf would play a big role in protecting our skin from UVA & UVB rays, and prevent the skin from sunburn. Apa yang Ray tahu is that it protects your skin from the sun and prevents sunburn. Little did I know, I was wrong. Thus, an spf 50 means a product will protect you from 98% of the UVB rays that penetrate your skin. Meaning still akan ada ada a bit sun rays yang boleh penetrate our skin but with very small percentage. That is so much better rather than no protection at all. It can provide excellent protection if they are applied properly. 

SPF50+ sunscreen still needs to be applied liberally as with any other sunscreen. So, it is actually good enough for us to apply in our daily life. Dulu kan, Ray ingat lagi tinggi spf lagi bagus. Rupanya bukan macam tu. Sunscreen yang bagus is the one that can protect our skin from all the harmful effects of the UV rays. So, sunscreen spf 50 pun dah cukup bagus.

Sunscreen Yang Tidak Berminyak & Moisturized 

Apart from strong sun protection, this Aloe Vera Sunscreen from Hansaegee Nature contains  ingredients such as Glycerin, sodium hyaluronic & Allontoin that can help to moisturize the skin. That explains why it doesn’t dry up my skin and makes it feel even smoother. I think if you have dry skin, Hansaegee Aloe Vera Sunscreen would suit you just fine.

Another thing is, personally Ray rasa ini sunscreen terbaik untuk kulit berminyak. The texture of the aloe vera sunscreen is lightweight, tak berminyak and not sticky. At the same time it will keep the skin moist, senang nak blend and tiada white cast. So, bila apply tu takde la rasa rimas dengan kulit yang terlalu berminyak. Ray tak suka that feeling when my skin is too oily. Tak best sangat. It will spoil the mood. Tapi mujur ada Aloe Vera sunscreen. So, my mood akan lighten up all day long.   

Like me, masa Ray berkerja dalam tempat yang ada aircond my skin akan jadi sangat dry. So, bila Ray applied Aloe Vera sunscreen kulit Ray jadi lebih lembab and tak rasa tegang pun. If my skin is too dry, I'll experience rashes and merah-merah kat kulit muka.

Suitable to all skin type

For me, personally I think one of the things to take into account in choosing your sunscreen is making sure that your sunscreen does not contain any harmful ingredients. So, let me share this with you. This aloe vera sunscreen is Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Silicon-Free, Sulfate-Free and also Allergen-Free. These are actually the list of ingredients I would personally check every time I nak pilih skincare related products. It also contains natural plant extract like Aloe Barbadensis, Leaf Juice, Centella Asiatica, Morus Alba Bark and Orchid making it suitable for all skin types. I was afraid at first knowing that I might get another rash on the skin if there’s any harmful ingredients. Thankfully, I am saved from that nightmare.

No white cast & not waterproof

Another thing which I love and making this sunscreen one of the best I’ve ever used is the fact that it is not waterproof. Ray memang suka kalau produk yang ray guna tak kalis air sebab senang nak basuh. Tak perlu susah-susah nak cari wet wipes, micellar water or cleansing oil. Wet wipes can be rather harmful to the skin as it may contain ingredients that may inflame the skin after using it. Rubbing your skin with wet tissue is not the best thing to do if you love your skin. I still remember how dry my skin feels setiap kali I wipe my skin with wet wipes. Lama-lama, rasa macam kulit tu semakin menipis pulak. It doesn't feel healthy.

Okay tengok kat bawah ni. masa cuci kite boleh nampak residue warna putih tu. Means, the remaining sunscreen tu tak tertinggal on the skin. Ini memang sunscreen yang boleh basuh dengan air, senang untuk solat jugak!  See the next photo tau. 

You can see how clean it is after just being washed with water and nothing else. dap dap, and you're good to go. After seeing this mesti korang ingat, kalau pakai mesti ada white cast kan. Nope. It doesn’t. Aloe Vera sunscreen ni memang ada tone up sikit tapi trust me this is one of the sunscreen yang tidak akan meninggalkan white cast on your skin after you applied it. Time nak reapply sunscreen tu tak ada nampak white cast pun. So, worry not. All in all, I can consider this one krim siang terbaik I have ever tried. It’s so comfortable and this sunscreen sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit. I love it. 

If that day I wear make-up, of course I'll need my cleansing oil or micellar water. If not and I only wear Aloe Vera sunscreen, I’ll only need water to wash it through. So, kalau you guys nak cari sunscreen yang boleh basuh dengan air je, silakan cuba sunscreen aloe vera ni. You’re gonna love it as much as I do. Bukan sahaja kite boleh lindung our skin but also treat it at the same time. Isn't that great.

One of the most annoying things from wearing sunscreen is the white cast. It's like you're wearing a foundation or compact that is not your shade. I feel like washing my face all over again as it looks weird having all these tiny white casts on your face. Thankfully, the Hansaegee Nature Aloe Vera Sunscreen leaves no white cast on my skin even when I reapply it. My skin felt comfortable for the whole day.

How to wear a sunscreen properly

Out of all, this one is very important. Pakai sunscreen tu dah bagus tapi tahu cara pakai sunscreen yang betul pun penting. Lepas tu, sunscreen pakai waktu bila? Well, my ways of applying sunscreen might not be the best but I've studied a few tips to maximize the benefits of applying sunscreen onto our skin. Sunscreen spf 50 sebaiknya disapu rata atas permukaan kulit sekurang-kurangnya 20 minit sebelum our skin is exposed to the UV in order to create the intended protective barrier. 

It's better untuk apply it evenly on a clean and dry skin. So, 20 minutes before keluar rumah memang Ray akan pastikan that I already applied my sunscreen after doing my skincare. And then every two hours Ray akan make sure to reapply sunscreen semula sebab after 2 hours the active ingredients yang protect our skin from the UV akan start to break down while protecting our skin. Using only the best sunscreen is not enough without a proper technique. Betul tak? 

And then satu lagi, we know kan kalau concerning kulit kering dan kulit berminyak ni it demands different types of ingredients in our skincare termasuk la sunscreen. But korang tak perlu risau sangat pasal tu since aloe vera sunscreen ni, like I mentioned before mmg sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit. Kalau korang still mencari sunscreen untuk kulit berminyak, Aloe Vera sunscreen adalah jawapannya. Problems solved!

I know some people still think that sunscreen is not important but sooner or later you'll see the difference between applying and not applying sunscreen. If you're like me and have tried so many things but it didn't work out for your skin then I guess it's time to go back to basics. It’s time to embrace the basic skincare routine again. Meaning, stop using too many things on your skin and use only a few macam cleansers and sunscreen only. Who knows, you'll get better results. 

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